Public Opinion On The Law Of The Marriage Of Gay In Ireland

Gay marriage is legalized through the referendum which need Public opinion on the law of the marriage of gay in Ireland, so the people decide whether the legalization, 63% is in favor, so there is no large opposition.This is the administrative area to vote on the map, you can see only one vote no, and finally your assumption that Ireland is more religious than the United States is very wrong,
Ireland is a secular country, ravaged by the atrocities committed by the Catholic Church, and devout religious beliefs are almost completely dead in countries other than the elderly.
I have never seen a developed country politically use religion like the United States, so ironically, the United States has rebounded more in the referendum than in Ireland.It sounds a little play, but the announcement of the day is a very beautiful moment for gays in Ireland. Irish LGBTQ people feel that they are welcome to return to their community, which is a delightful, spontaneous street party broke out in Dublin, which is really a very cute feeling.So the gay dating Dublin is open for gay in Ireland.The next day, as the Facebook proposal announced to start rolling, it was the beginning of the horror, because everyone was aware of how much they would go to the extra bloody wedding.
Ireland is more religious than the United States
Universal attitude, even the Irish religious people, the Catholic Church will need to render Caesar Caesar things, and God God to do things, is to let their nose from the political and text, focus on the spirit of the spirit. Anybody has little rebound in the outcome of the democratic vote.
Gays may actually be a little complacent as they do not have all the extra weddings to go.
Ireland is no longer a religious belief. Just the older generation I never noticed a rebound in same-sex marriages.So gay in Ireland can marriage in their life.
I am for this, I know everyone is for this. I only met two people against it. One is a grumpy old drunk at the bar, the other is a 17-year-old meat. Most Irish people are free.
The vote is a major step towards the country and has been positive.

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