Will legalized gay dating in Ireland reduce the numbers of Irish?

Will legalized gay dating in Ireland reduce the numbers of Irish ,this is an important things we need think more.Without scratching the surface of the assumptions that this question is based on, humans are not even close to being in danger of extinction.People don’t become gay because they can have gay dating. Gays have always been gay, since the moment they were born.They come out gay, because they do not want to live in a lie anymore, and that wish overweighs the risks of coming out, even as acceptance and law – including marriage – are finally starting to catch up.Of course,some think yes,the other think not. The answer is :Not!Besides, the rest of us that are not gay still breed like effin’ rabbits. If we go extinct, it is because of over-population. We use too much resources anyway, so a little less new kids actually wouldn’t hurt.Not in the least. The fact that we have expanded the legal definition of marriage to include same-sex couples does not in any way change the biological conditions that cause a certain percentage of children to be born homosexual. Each new child must still come from a sperm and an egg, no matter how we humans categorize our relationships.We don’t know the exact biological mechanism that causes a certain percentage of people to be born with a homosexual as opposed to a heterosexual orientation, but we know that one exists. We have no reason to believe that this percentage has changed or will change any time soon.So, to make a long story short, the number of gays in each generation will be the same as it was before. Answer: YES!!! The majority of the US population is secretly gay/lesbian/bi/etc. but did not want to miss out on the joys of gay dating in Ireland and the thrills of divorce. Now that it is legal the heterosexual population will dwindle to such minor numbers that the US population will start to disappear.As all Americans know (I am one) what happens here has global implications. Legalization of Same Gender marriage in the US and a dwindling US Population will automatically reduce the population of China and India. As these three countries make up over 50% of the world’s population it is only a matter of a time before our species is not able to survive.Seriously, what are you thinking? As there are more Pot smokers then same gender couples, I would be more fearful of the Legalization of Marijuana causing the extinction of the Human Race. After all the Food Supply will not be able to handle the increase in the munchies.

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